Our History and Experience

The team behind Ferocity Carbon has been involved in the South African cycling scene for decades. From the fun side to the serious side. From Road Racing to Track Racing to Mountain Biking and even including Time Trials and Triathlons. Cycling is a lifestyle and passion for us at Ferocity Carbon and we strive to keep our product range in line with the latest trends and developments with performance as the main focus.

Above all, we take the enjoyment of cycling seriously.

In late 2013, our team got together and decided to establish a South African focussed brand of high-quality carbon bikes and associated upgrade components. While our product range covers road, track, time-trial, offroad and even tandem bikes, our primary focus remains on servicing the Track Cycling market.

In the years since our humble beginnings we have successfully built a recognised brand that not only looks amazing, but rides like a dream. Our happy customers have won (and defended) many provincial and national championships in just three short years. We can even boast that one of our customers won gold at the 2015 World Track championships.

High quality Bikes

We offer premium quality bikes at very competitive prices and with an element of uniqueness. Our bikes offer all the characteristics you would expect from a top level competition frame without compromises. Components are carefully selected to offer exceptional value for money.

Prototype evaluation process

Having a good understanding of the demands of the rider on the bike our bikes are tested extensively by our ex Professional racer, Jacques Fullard. Only once he is satisfied with the characteristics of the frame and wheels do we finalize our finished product. Our testing process generally involves three stages: Prototype, Beta and full Production. Each stage is intended to serve a particular purpose:

  1. Prototype: During this phase, the product is still in development mode. We evaluate component combinations and general performance. Prototypes generally feature limited branding.
  2. Beta: Once a product passes the prototype phase, it is fully branded and produced in low quantities for first-adopters. During this stage minor changes are still possible on components, and branding.
  3. Production: Assuming feedback from first adopters is positive, the product is placed into full production, ensuring that stock is available for potential buyers.

Supreme Wheels

Wheels makes a big difference. If you want to upgrade your bike, wheels is where you start. Our wheel-sets have been designed with speed, reliability, comfort and results in mind. To provide you extra piece of mind we had our wheels tested bu the UCI's approved laboratory and came out with great ratings.

Please see the following publication of the UCI for details of all approved non-standard wheels: NON-STANDARD WHEELS IN CONFORMITY WITH ARTICLE 1.3.018

World Class Upgrade Components

We have great partnerships with our suppliers. Ridea components are specialists in upgrade componentry for bicycles and motorcycles. Ridea offers exceptionally crafted upgrade components with a touch of innovation and creative design represent the energetic spirit of “RIDEA BIKE” ; a brand which created for those who demand for the best.

RIDEA BIKE develops parts with highest thoroughness and put the emphasis on fitting, functionality, practicality and drivability in order to meet the request of our customers and their personal preferences way over their expectation

Our Team

Jacques Fullard
If he is not on his bike training or racing he is thinking of how he can make the bike better and faster. Jacques is a former professional with over 25-years experience under is belt in various cycling disciplines, Road Track and Mountain Bike. Jacques has won almost every classic race in South Africa at least once including the Elite national Road title twice.
Hansie Joubert
Hansie is a very serious cycling amateur, with a long track record on road, track and offroad. When a willing partner is available, Hansie plays his role as the strongman in the Ferocity Tandem squad.
Greg Fullard
Greg will ride a bike, and does so fairly often, but he is more comfortable in running shoes or behind a comuputer screen. He dreams of one day having enough time to attend Yoga classes.